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Names and Boundaries of Federal Electoral Divisions in Victoria Decided

The augmented Electoral Commission for Victoria last week announced the outcome of its deliberations on the names and boundaries of the 38 federal electoral divisions in Victoria.

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Mr Tom Rogers, the presiding member and Electoral Commissioner, thanked the individuals and organisations who contributed to the redistribution.

“All written objections and comments as well as the information presented at the inquiries in Winchelsea and Melbourne have been carefully considered in deciding the final boundaries,” Mr Rogers said.

“The augmented Electoral Commission has unanimously agreed to rename the Division of Batman to recognise William Cooper, and to modify the boundaries of 22 of the electoral divisions initially proposed.

The augmented Electoral Commission has also unanimously accepted the Redistribution Committee’s proposed boundary changes to the remaining electoral divisions, the creation of the new Division of Fraser, and the adoption of three of the Redistribution Committee’s proposed new names.”

Mr Rogers said that the augmented Electoral Commission had adopted the majority of the names proposed by the Redistribution Committee for Victoria with the following alterations:

  • Retaining the name of the Division of Corangamite (previously proposed to be renamed the Division of Cox), and

  • Renaming the Division of Batman to ‘Cooper’, to recognise the contributions of William Cooper.

The names and boundaries of the federal electoral divisions for Victoria will apply from Friday 13 July 2018 when a notice of determination is published in the Commonwealth Government Notices Gazette.

Electoral events will not be contested on these new federal electoral divisions until a writ is issued for a full federal election.

Overview maps will be available on the AEC website on Friday 13 July 2018.

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