• Hannah Phillips

Bernardi: "The Building Blocks of Western Civilsation are Under Attack"

Leader of the Australian Conservatives, Cory Bernardi, is a regular on Flow FM's Morning Show and today joined Wayne to talk about a number of pressing political topics including his upcoming appearance on the ABC program Q&A, and the "hostile questions" he expects to answer.

Senator Bernardi also shared his thoughts on Bill Shorten's rockstar-like reception at the Labor conference over the weekend, describing his need for an earpiece and cues as "fake" and "phony".

"When he's unscripted, he doesn't really seem to have a clue", Bernardi told Flow FM, adding: "I think we deserve a bit better than that".

The Greens are currently calling for the removal of Parliamentary prayers, to which the Australian Conservative said: the "guiding principles and building blocks of Western Civilisation are under attack".

Mr Bernardi continued his conversation with Wayne, describing the Greens as "hypocrites of the highest order".

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