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Flow FM the Colour of Country Life

Flow FM is putting the colour into country life with the launch of a brand new logo!

In an ever-changing media landscape, the regional radio station identified it was time for an update, so the new logo could embrace the digital age.

Wayne Phillips, Flow FM Managing Director said it was an important step for the brand to add the colour to country life.

"The Flow has grown and changed, so we wanted our dynamic radio brand to have an equally dynamic logo for our cars and merchandise," he said. "We are excited to launch this colourful interpretation of the new Flow moving forward!"

Marketing Director, Hannah Phillips agreed timing of a rebrand was crucial.

"Our original Flow FM logo has been in use since 2005, and as a Marketing Department we haven’t wanted to remove such an iconic brand from the marketplace," she said.

"Our core focus will always be radio but with regional centres becoming better connected, it was imperative that our brand be set for the digital age."

The colourful new addition cements Flow FM's identity as a fun and locally focused brand, with quality local programs and music, evolving from the previous logo that was so well recognised for 13 years.

"Country towns are colourful places, the regions that they represent, the landscapes and even the silos painted or a local footy teams colours are an important statement," Wayne said.

"We wanted our logo to reflect the colours of our regions and for our station to be the colour of country life!"

Flow FM has a number of different broadcast regions, and colour has always been a key theme within internal office systems.

Hannah said: "It’s good to finally see this become part of our branding, not just an in-house office concept."

The colours stand for:

  • Orange - Outback - reflecting the earthy red colours of the region;

  • Purple - Central - reflecting the Barossa, Clare and Riverland Vineyards;

  • Merlot - South East - reflecting the beef cattle, crayfish, wines and agriculture produce such as kestrel potatoes and red onions grown throughout the region;

  • Green - Victoria - reflecting the crops, pulses, and forestry within the state;

  • Blue - NSW - reflecting the rivers, lakes, creeks and the colour emblem of the state.

Putting the colour into your country life, with Flow FM.

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