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Names and Boundaries of Federal Electoral Divisions in South Australia

The augmented Electoral Commission for South Australia last week announced the outcome of its deliberations on the names and boundaries of the ten federal electoral divisions in South Australia.

Mr Tom Rogers, the presiding member and Electoral Commissioner, thanked the individuals and organisations who contributed to the redistribution of South Australia throughout the redistribution process.

“All written objections and comments, as well as the information presented at the inquiry in Adelaide on 7 June have been thoroughly considered,” Mr Rogers said.

“After a comprehensive consideration of these contributions, the augmented Electoral Commission has unanimously decided to adopt the redistribution proposed by the Redistribution Committee for South Australia without change,” Mr Rogers said.

The redistribution of South Australian federal electoral divisions was required as South Australia’s resident population relative to that of other states and territories means that it is now entitled to 10 federal electoral divisions.

Final boundaries The Division of Port Adelaide will be abolished and changes will be made to the boundaries of all of South Australia’s remaining electoral divisions.

“The final boundaries have resulted principally from the need to reduce the number of electoral divisions from 11 to 10. Abolishing an electoral division, together with the need to ensure that all of South Australia’s 10 electoral divisions then meet the numerical requirements of the Electoral Act, means that changes have been made to the boundaries of all electoral divisions in South Australia,” Mr Rogers said.

Final names The augmented Electoral Commission has retained the names of the Divisions of Adelaide, Barker, Boothby, Grey, Hindmarsh, Kingston, Makin, Mayo and Sturt.

The previous Division of Wakefield will become the Division of Spence.

This is in recognition of Catherine Helen Spence (1825–1910) for her work as an advocate for female suffrage and electoral reform.

Next steps The augmented Electoral Commission notes this proposal is not significantly different from the proposal of the Redistribution Committee and therefore no further input from members of the public will be sought.

The names and boundaries of the federal electoral divisions for South Australia will apply from Friday 20 July 2018 when a notice of determination is published in the Commonwealth Government Notices Gazette.

Electoral events will not be contested on these new federal electoral divisions until a writ is issued for a general election following the expiry or dissolution of the House of Representatives.

The Mayo by-election is being conducted on the boundaries in place for the Division of Mayo at the 2016 federal election.

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