• Hannah Phillips

NSW River Flow Forecasting Goes Digital

Water management and agricultural planning in NSW is set to receive a significant boost with 33 new seasonal streamflow forecasting sites across the state making the move to online.

Monitoring of these sites allows the Bureau of Meteorology to forecast likely streamflow volumes for the coming three months.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said the new sites would have clear benefits for the water market in Australia's east.

“This will give New South Wales farmers more reliable information about how much water they’ll be able to take in the upcoming months so they can make sound business decisions,” he said.

“This will help to reduce rural business risks and that’s extremely valuable for farmers who need to manage their resources carefully to turn a profit.

"The forecasts will help determine water allocations, cropping strategies, water market planning, environmental watering and drought management plans"

"The expansion of this forecasting service will see an increase in seasonal streamflow forecasting of almost 20 per cent across Australia.

"The Snowy and Hastings rivers are just some of those receiving forecasts of natural flows for the first time.

"These locations were chosen after talking with water users and the Basin states about the water information they need.

"The seasonal streamflow forecasts is just part of a suite of weather services for farmers which includes the weather bureau's rainfall and temperature outlooks, 7-day streamflow forecasts and flood forecasting services."

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