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Fog Lights - What are the Rules?

Police are urging people to refresh themselves on the rules surrounding fog lights when driving this winter.

Image Source - NRMA

The use of fog and head lights in conditions of poor visibility is encouraged by Police, but it is an offence to have them on in clear conditions as it creates a hazard in dazzling other drivers.

The Australian Road Rules (Reg 217) covering the use of fog lights states:

"The driver of a vehicle fitted with front fog lights or rear fog lights must not operate the fog lights unless the driver is in fog or other hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility.

"Front fog lights" mean a light (other than a headlight) fitted to the front of a vehicle to improve illumination of the road in fog, snowfall, heavy rain or dust clouds.

"Rear fog light" means a light (other than a brake light, a tail light, a number plate light or a reversing light) fitted to the rear of a vehicle to make the vehicle more easily visible from the rear in conditions of poor visibility."

Police remind motorist to pay attention to the conditions, and remember to switch their fog lights off when weather conditions improve.

The expiation for using fog lights when not permitted in South Australia is $238, plus a $60 Victim of Crime levy.

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