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Coorong Sports Clubs Become Stars

Sport and recreation clubs are in safe hands in the Coorong District Council area, as local volunteers continue to lead the charge as part of the region’s Murraylands Starclub development program.

Last month, three new clubs were awarded Recognised Starclub Status in the Coorong - the Tintinara Golf Club, Tailem Bend Cricket Club and Tailem Bend Football Club.

These clubs join the Meningie Football Club, the Coorong region’s inaugural Starclub, as members of the highest level of governance in the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing’s Starclub program.

As a partnership between local Councils and the Office for Recreation and Sport, Starclub focuses on growing and sustaining strong sport and recreation clubs, where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

Coorong District Council Mayor Neville Jaensch says Council recognises the importance of sports clubs to its local culture and community mental and physical wellbeing – and will continue to work alongside local volunteers to ensure clubs thrive well in to the future.

“Our sports clubs are a place for people of all ages to come together and get fit, while they share in the social aspects of rural living,” he said.

“Clubs in the country are about more than just people running around. They’re a gathering place, which can actively combat social isolation.

“It’s for this reason our Council continues to partner with proactive local volunteers to help our clubs stay vibrant, build much-needed facilities and bring people together for positive experiences.”

Murraylands Starclub Field Officer Marc Maddaford said he had been impressed with the commitment of Coorong clubs to work towards Starclub status, and their efforts could be used as a positive case study for other regional clubs across SA.

“These clubs have made vast improvements in recent years to upgrade their governance, financial processes, accessibility, child safety frameworks and other aspects of administration,” Mr Maddaford said.

“In particular, the Tintinara Golf Club has taken great steps to ensure it supports coaches and volunteers with training opportunities, providing a strong foundation for future growth.

"The club’s Starclub status has also helped it to attract the State Sandgreens Championship event this year – the first time for a club in the State’s South East.

“Further, the Tailem Bend cricket and football clubs have both demonstrated welcoming and safe cultures, showing strength in terms of long-term sustainability and sound administrative processes to back this up.”

Most Coorong clubs are registered with the development program, with a few leading the charge in working towards full Starclub status, including Tailem Bend Netball Club, Lake Albert Gun Club, Meningie Netball Club and Peake and Districts Sporting Club.

Anyone interested in learning more should contact Mr Maddaford on 0438 973 511, or visit the website: www.starclub.sa.gov.au.


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