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Preserving Burra's Cornish Mine Site

The Regional Council of Goyder has received a $120,000 grant from the Federal Government to assist in preserving Burra’s historic Cornish mining site.

Council will deliver a Conservation Management Plan with the funding, through the Protecting National Historic sites program.

Image Source: South Australian Mining History Association

The Australian Cornish Mining Site: Burra was officially listed on the National Heritage List in May last year, and a conservation management plan will assist Council to identify, protect, conserve and present the abundance of heritage listed buildings/areas in the township for many years to come.

The plan will be developed in alignment with the Burra Charter which provides guidance for conservation, use and the protection of heritage values.

David Stevenson CEO says: “Burra is recognised as a nationally significant heritage area and a place of cultural significance, with history rich in Cornish mining, only one of two locations in Australia that truly reflects a bygone area.

"As primary carer of the National Heritage Listed site, Council is committed to providing a Conservation Management Plan that will govern the ongoing management of these sites to ensure that future decisions are carried out with regard to its cultural significance and to actively promote Burra as a tourist destination for visitors and our community."

Council will engage the appropriate consultants through a tender process, who have the experience, understanding of heritage places, and skills to initiate the Conservation Management plan.

The consultants, in partnership with Council, agencies and the community will undertake research gathering and analysis of evidence to understand the significance of this national heritage listed site, and develop a comprehensive plan.

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