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Daryl Maguire to Resign from NSW Parliament

NSW Member for Wagga Wagga Daryl Maguire has today confirmed his intention to resign as a Member of the NSW Parliament.

In a statement from Mr Maguire, he said the resignation comes after the Premier’s comments on Saturday, in which Gladys Berejiklian said a by-election would be held in the Riverina seat.

The statement reads:

"Following the Premier’s comments on Saturday, I confirm my intention to resign as a Member of the NSW Parliament before it resumes.

While the timing of my retirement from politics has not been ideal, I would like to apologise to my constituency for any inconvenience this has caused.

It has been my honour to represent the Wagga Wagga electorate since 1999 and I am proud of the achievements we have made together in that time.

In my inaugural speech I spoke of how captivated I was with the beauty of the Wagga Wagga electorate, blinded by its potential and passionate for its cause and its people – this still resonates today.

Under a Liberal-led Government we moved the state out of Labor’s debt and invested funding back into resources for local services which were denied during Labor’s 16 years in office.

The Wagga Wagga electorate has prospered under this Liberal direction which has seen:

  • The redevelopment of Wagga Wagga Base Hospital

  • Kapooka Bridge

  • Wagga Wagga Police Station

  • Gocup Road

  • New hospital and museum at Lockhart

  • New Gadara School

  • Redevelopment of Wagga Wagga Court House.

  • New Ambulance Station

  • New Estella Primary school.

And much more.

I have no desire to allow any distraction to the Berejiklian Government’s strong record of delivering services and infrastructure for the community.

While almost twenty years in politics has equipped me to deal with whatever pressures arise, the last seven days have reminded me of the impact of strains on family and staff members alike.

My office and I will continue to finalise outstanding matters and constituent correspondence while I prepare to vacate the office.

I thank all those who assisted me in working for the people of the Wagga Wagga electorate.

To my colleagues, friends and family—and the Liberal Party, thank you for your support, your guidance and determination to see the Wagga Wagga electorate continue to prosper."

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