• Hannah Phillips

Police Focus on Heavy Vehicles in SA’s North

Heavy vehicles using South Australia’s north-eastern mass transit corridor have been the focus of continued police attention.

Figures released today show that in the first three weeks of July, police issued defect notices for 39 heavy vehicles, reported one road train driver for speeding, found four heavy vehicles being used while unregistered/uninsured and identified 17 offences pertaining to correctly recording information in the National Heavy Vehicle Work Diary or not carrying a Work Diary at all.

Three drivers were also reported for Critical Hour breaches for insufficient rest time, driving over the regulated work hours and producing false or misleading information while four breaches of load regulations were also identified.

Police, who have spoken with more than 150 drivers over the last two months, have been conducting drug and alcohol driver testing, safety checks and checking compliance with legal and industry regulations for both drivers and their employers on the transit corridor between Orroroo, Hawker, Leigh Creek and Moomba.

Police and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator will continue to pay attention to irresponsible transport companies and drivers to ensure heavy vehicles are roadworthy, their loads secure and they meet weight and size criteria.

Other road users are also urged to take care while sharing the roads with heavy vehicles, with caution particularly required when overtaking longer vehicles.

Road users need to remember that these larger, heavier vehicles do not have the same braking or manoeuvring ability as other road users.

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