• Hannah Phillips

Powdered Veg the New Norm?

The broccoli latte trend recently caught the eyes of the nation, with everyone left wondering what exactly are powdered vegetables?

The team at Kirkconnell farm know all the ins and outs of powdered veggies, being the only growers in the world who grow and dehydrate their organic broccoli in-house.

Image source: Kirkconnellfarm.com

Not only are the powdered vegetables beneficial for our health, providing us with nutrients that we don't necessarily see or taste, but they're also enabling our vegetable growing farmers to reduce the amount of waste from their farms in leftover produce like leaves and stalks.

With a large component of broccoli's nutrients found in the leaves and stalks, converting everything into powder could really help enhance our diets.

Just add them to your smoothies, soups, mashed potatoes, baking and sauces or an extra and sneaky nutritional boost, the experts say.

Not only is it broccoli that could be enhanced into our everyday snacks or meals but other vegetables along the likes of brussel sprouts, cauliflower and beetroot.

To find out how the magic happens, and some recipe ideas for powdered veggies, Sarah caught up with Lesley Bland of Kirkconnell Farm.

To get your hands on some powdered veg, head to kirkconnellfarm.com, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out recent updates.

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