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STARCLUB Supporting Central Mid-North SA

STARCLUB is officially on its way to SA's Central Mid-North region, with a Field Officer being funded to work across the Regional Council of Goyder, Wakefield Regional Council and Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council.

As a partnership with the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, the position is funded for three years to July 2021.

The STARCLUB program is an established and welcomed resource for local sporting and recreation clubs across the Central Mid North Region.

It involves a simple and effective online assessment tool and quality assurance program to help committees and volunteers maintain and improve the daily running of their clubs.

Grant funding and growth development assistance is also a major focus of the program.

All three councils agree, by having a STARCLUB Field Officer in the region, local clubs will now have the direct support they have been looking for, to deal with a diverse range of issues and challenges.

In working together, the councils agree that the positioning of the Central Mid North program now better reflects State and National sporting association’s competition calendars and further believes that it will enhance a collectively stronger sporting community in the region.

Wakefield Council has been participating in the program over the past three years, however believe that by changing partners to create a specific Central Mid North program, organisations within their region will be better serviced and there will be an increase in opportunities for networking and peer support.

STARCLUB comes as a new program for Goyder and Clare & Gilbert Valley Councils, with the addition of both boosting the delivery of the program, from 30 to 32 councils participating across regional SA.

A STARCLUB Field Officer has already been appointed, Samantha Freeman, who will be operating from all three councils and is looking forward to meeting with all sporting and recreation clubs (competitive and non-competitive) in the region.

Samantha said: “I have been involved in sport and recreation activity for most of my life, from dancing and being an athlete, to teacher and coach, as a technical official, club and committee volunteer, to state and national level sport administration."

"My experience across both sport and recreation activity is broad and has a long history of involvement at a number of levels."

Prior to taking up the newly created position, Samantha was the Club Services & Education Manager at Gymnastics SA.

If clubs or committees are unsure if STARCLUB applies to their group or organisation, visit the website at: starclub.sa.gov.au.

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