• Hannah Phillips

Delivering Difference During the Drought

Farmers across QLD, NSW, SA and Vic are all facing tough conditions at the moment, with much needed rain not forecast any time soon.

Image Source: Bozena Galeziowski

To help feed and keep livestock alive on properties, farmers and graziers are looking for alternative sources of food, as the price of hay and regular fodder has skyrocketed.

Transport companies like Gration Transport are also looking for alternative sources of feed to deliver to these impacted farmers, like the watermelon deliveries they've recently been on the road with.

To find out what Gration Transport is doing, and whether watermelons are a viable source of feed for livestock, Sarah caught up with Kat Gration last week on the Regional Roundup.

And to find out how this has helped farmers first-hand, Sarah spoke to rural NSW farmer Bozena Galeziowski about her farm, the current situation and asking for help during the drought.

If you are in need of support during the drought, or would like to offer help, the following websites and phone lines are all available at anytime.

  • Need For Feed

  • Buy a Bale

  • Rural Aid

  • Drought Angels

  • Aussie Helpers

  • Thirsty Cow

  • Red Cross

  • Farm Household Allowance: Department of Human Services – 13 23 16

  • Social support: Department of Social Services – 1300 653 227

  • Farm Management Deposits: Australian Taxation Office – 13 28 66

  • Rural Financial Counselling Service – 1800 686 175

  • Climate updates and forecasts: Bureau of Meteorology

  • Lifeline available for 24/7 support - 13 11 14

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