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Dresses For the Drought

Our farming communities in QLD, NSW, SA and Vic have faced very difficult times in recent months, and with no end in sight, they still need as much support as possible.

Image Source: Dresses for Drought Facebook group

Organisations all over Australia are coming together to offer as much assistance as they can, and as we think about our farmers in these times, we also need to spare a thought further down the line.

Dresses for Drought Australia was created after two sisters Anita and Tashoni heard about high school students unable to attend their school formals as they couldn't afford to buy an outfit or cover the costs for the event.

Attending school functions and events is something that we all cherish and remember in years to come, and being unable to attend due to environmental issues clearly tugged at Australia's heartstrings.

Since it's creation last week, Dresses for the Drought has received thousands of donated dressed, shoes, accessories, suits, and make-up.

The donations have come at such a rate that they have temporarily closed off donations, to be able to sort through what they are still receiving.

To find out where the idea came from and what the process involves, Sarah caught up with Anita on the Regional Roundup last week.

To find out how you can help or donate: head to the Facebook page Dresses For Drought Australia.

For people who require assistance with current drought conditions, contact the Department of Human Services Farmer Assistance Hotline on 132 316.

Lifeline are also always available for anyone at anytime on 13 11 14.

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