• Hannah Phillips

Australia’s Population Hits 25 Million

Australia’s population reached 25 million people at one minute past eleven on Tuesday night.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated this on the basis that an additional Australian is added to the population every 83 seconds.

There are some experts, such as the Reserve Bank Governor Dr Phillip Lowe, who believe that a rapid increase in population is economically beneficial and there are others, like Senator Dean Smith who’s calling for a parliamentary enquiry into population, who believe that the increase needs to be managed.

While Australia prepared to hit this milestone, on Tuesday Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge gave a speech to the Business Council of Australia forum in Melbourne in which he said population growth needs to be distributed more evenly.

It’s obvious that we need to have a public conversation about population and its management without it becoming bogged down in assertions that it amounts to racist dog-whistling.

Kate Critchley

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