• Hannah Phillips

"The NEG is Turnbull's Way of Introducing Rudd's Emissions Trading Scheme"

Leader of the Australian Conservatives Cory Bernardi, is a regular on Flow FM's Morning Show, and today joined Wayne to talk about a number of pressing political topics including the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

He said it is "just tinkering around the edges" and is "Malcolm Turnbull's way of introducing Kevin Rudd's Emissions Trading Scheme".

Mr Bernardi also made it clear he believes that we should "adopt the NEG strategy" but "abandon the Paris Climate Agreement".

Senator Bernardi also shared his thoughts on our nation's debt, with the Australian Conservatives introducing a Bill for a debt ceiling into Parliament.

"Financial and fiscal common sense needs to be injected," he said.

Euthanasia is always a contentious topic, and one that is currently being debated by the Government. Mr Bernardi had his say on Flow FM.

When asked about Prime Minister Turnbull continuing to do poorly in the latest Newspoll, the Senator summed up his thoughts, saying: "There's not much difference between Malcolm and Bill".

The Australian Conservative also shared his thoughts on Rachel Carling-Jenkins deciding to leave the Party.

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