• Hannah Phillips

Growing the Riverina with 8000 New Trees

Over 8000 paddock trees are being planted across the Riverina this month following a successful promotion by Riverina Local Land Services.

Image Source: Bronwyn from Gunbar collected trees from the Griffith office for her father Arthur - Provided.

To celebrate National Tree Day on July 29, ratepayers were able to pick up 10 free trees from their local office in the week leading up – and the response was overwhelming.

Manager Land Services Andrew Lieschke said engagement with landholders was very exciting.

“The take up was just fantastic – we could not have predicted that level of demand, it was great to see.

“We really thank everyone for their patience as we had to back order trees to ensure ratepayers were all able to get their share.

"We handed out 10 trees per rates notice so it’s a great start for those who want to plant isolated paddock trees or tree lanes," he said.

“We still have a number of trees that are on back order and we are working hard to get those trees to landholders.

"This may take a short while yet but everyone who put their names down will receive their trees.”

For more information, visit Riverina Local Land Services on Facebook.

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