• Hannah Phillips

Big Cats in Australia? Going on 'The Hunt'

Claims of big cat sightings are a regular occurrence in Australia, with several 'hot spots' around the nation - but as a topic that draws many sceptics, how can we determine what is fact and what is fiction?

Vaughan King dedicates his life to researching the existence of big cats across the country, and in a new documentary called 'The Hunt', he shares his quest to prove these mysterious creatures roam our native wildlife, once and for all.

Image Source - The Hunt Facebook page

Vaughan is currently spending a lot of time around a reported big cat hot spot - Flow's Otways region - and shared his story on today's Country Viewpoint.

For more information on big cats and reporting sightings, visit: bigcats.com.au or check out the trailer for The Hunt below.

Have you seen a big cat across the Flow regions? We would love to hear your story - email us: mail@flowfm.com.au.