• Hannah Phillips

New Cyber Security Centre

On Thursday the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Defence Senator Marise Payne and Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Angus Taylor opened the new headquarters of the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

They said “the Government has seen a significant increase in business email scams, mostly targeting businesses with fewer than 10 employees”.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre forms a critical hub for the Joint Cyber Security Centres located in all capital cities, which facilitate partnerships between more than 150 organisations across private and public sectors.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre will have three critically important areas:

· to provide cyber security advice and assistance to businesses and the community

· to prevent and disrupt offshore cyber-enabled crime

· to protect the specialised tools ASD uses to fulfil its functions.

The new cyber.gov.au website will replace a number of Government cyber security websites and services, including ACORN and acsc.gov.au.

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