• Hannah Phillips

Bushy Brings Barbara Hanrahan Exhibition to Burra

Barbara Hanrahan is a celebrated Australian artist whose work as a printmaker, author and lecturer continues to be the subject of interest for many, even after her early death in 1991.

One man who has a particular interest in her work is Barry Wright, Chairman of the Board at Burra Regional Art Gallery. The former "wool classer with a harelip" (as described in Barbara's book 'Sea Green') is an old boyfriend of the artist and has a wealth of stories to share in a new exhibition - 'Barbara Hanrahan Focus'.

Barry joined Flow FM's Country Viewpoint program today to share an insight into Barbara's life and the wonderful stories on display in the Burra Regional Art Gallery's exhibition.

See the Barbara Hanrahan Focus for yourself from August 30 at the Burra Regional Art Gallery, with a special launch event on Saturday September 1. Also on display is 'Locals', by Margaret Walsh.

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