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Upper Eyre Peninsula Football Talks

Far West football club Western United seeks talks with Mid West Football League about the future of Upper Eyre Peninsula Football.

While the Mid West was holding its Grand Final at Wirrulla on Saturday, a group of Far West players from Western United (based at Penong) were celebrating their own premiership as spectators in the crowd.

There were numerous discussions among patrons on the day about the future of football and a rumoured letter that had been written from Far West Club Western United to the Mid West Football League seeking to open the conversation about the future of football and netball on the Upper Eyre Peninsula.

Wayne spoke about the story on today's Morning Workflow.

Further investigation has revealed that the letter is legitimate and that it is an invitation by Western United following an informal meeting of its supporters about whether the club and its families would support greater travel in the future to play football further afield if changes occurred in Far West and Mid West competitions.

It should be noted that Far West Football consists of four teams with Western United based 68 kilometres to Ceduna’s west and approximately 200 or more kilometres from most Mid West sides.

Western United club President and former Mail Medal winner Rohan Scott said "The Western United Tigers Football and Netball Club would like to put forward an expression of interest to the Mid-West Football and Netball league the opportunity to discuss the future of our game in both leagues. We have reassured all our members and supporters that our expression of interest is only that, and further discussions and negotiating will need to be undertaken before any decisions are made.

We are also aware that the Far West Football and Netball League, along with the SANFL EP Regional Council will need to be involved in any further discussions into the future of football and netball between our leagues."

A report commissioned in 2005 into Eyre Peninsula football discussed future mergers and issues of population decline and the issues of distance of travel to play other towns and recommended keeping the current leagues.

Is it time for another review?

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