• Hannah Phillips

Do Your Eyes Hold the Secret to Your Personality?

In a recent study by the University of South Australia researchers have found that eye movements can relate to one's personality traits.

Sarah spoke to UniSA's Dr Tobias Loetscher who helped develop the links between personality and eye movements. He explained the research could be used to assist in studying dementia cases.

He stated in previous research it was found that optimists are less likely to look at negative stimuli such as images of skin cancers, than when compared to more pessimistic personalities.

According to Dr Loetscher, the study consisted of participants wearing eye tracking glasses while they spent time buying products from a store.

The research noted that extroverted individuals behaved differently than those who are more introverted, and that a curious person would be more likely to look around at all their surroundings.

To find out more about the study and the results, listen to the full interview below.

Further information about this study and cognitive ageing and impairing neuroscience can be found at cian.science.

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