• Hannah Phillips

YP Farmers Voice Concerns on SA Mining Bill

Agriculture and mining are two of Australia's biggest industries, supporting the economy in a significant way.

But what happens when one industry gets in the way of another?

The South Australian Government is aiming to clarify this situation, and presented a Mining Bill to Parliament last month.

The Bill looks at creating better definitions of the nature and scale of mining operations within the state, and aims to explain what this means to all landholders and stakeholders involved.

But not everyone is convinced, with a group of farmers on the Yorke Peninsula concerned that not all community members may be aware of what the Bill could mean for the local region and private farm land, which could potentially be lost to mine sites.

To help explain the situation, SA Minister for Energy and Mining Dan Van Holst Pellekaan is speaking at a Forum organised by local farmers tomorrow night, September 27.

Elden Oster is a YP farmer and co-convener of the forum, and spoke to Flow FM for more details.

See details for the forum below.