• Hannah Phillips

Firefighting from the Skies in Mid North

Additional fire-fighting aerial water bombers will be stationed in the Mid North, ahead of this year’s bushfire season, after intense lobbying of the State Government.

State Emergency Services Minister Corey Wingard said an additional $2.3 million a year would be allocated to the CFS over the next four years, starting this fire season, to provide the state with access to more aerial firefighting resources as part of a national strategy.

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council Mayor Allan Aughey has praised the move and says: “There is no room for complacency if we are to avoid the potentially fiery destruction of life and property.”

“It is very reassuring that the Premier and his government quickly grasped and effectively responded to the potentially calamitous effect of smoke taint that bushfires pose on an entire wine vintage,” he said.

“The new CFS aircraft and base ameliorates a large part of the risk to the Clare Valley wine industry that was otherwise exposed to losses which would undermine our entire local economy.

“It is also reassuring to have aerial support nearby in the event of bushfires which may threaten the whole Mid North region.”

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