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Footing a Thousand Kms for our Farmers

Joel Bertoncini is a passionate runner, taking on 1,000 kms by foot this month, from Port Augusta in South Australia to Bendigo in Victoria, all in the name of our Aussie farmers.

He's stopping through many Flow regions along his journey, spreading messages of support and positive mental health, fundraising as he goes.

Image - Worlds End Creek, SA. Source - Herd to Bendigo

As a cause close to Joel's heart, all proceeds raised on the run will go to Aussie Helpers, supporting those struggling on the land.

In his own words on the 'Herd to Bendigo' Facebook page, "All around Australia there are farmers that are losing everything from crops, animals to their own life. Although my mission is only small in comparison to the hardships they are suffering daily, I hope that my efforts will inspire more people to lend a helping hand to those in need. I will be stopping at Rural towns along the way to also hopefully inspire the positive message that we do care about our farmers and their mental health. Because without our farmers, there would be no Australia."

Joel joined Flow FM on today's Regional Roundup program to share his story.

Follow the progress of the Herd to Bendigo at the Facebook page, or show your support at Aussie Helpers.

For more stories from our regional areas, join Anita on the Regional Roundup, Friday from 10am on Flow FM.

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