• Hannah Phillips

The Prime Minister’s View of Australia - China Relations

Recently Prime Minister Morrison gave a speech to a gathering of Australian-Chinese at Hurstville, a Sydney suburb with a large ethnic Chinese community.

The tone of the Prime Minister’s speech was extremely balanced: he emphasised that 1.2 million Australians had Chinese ancestry and spoke at length about the contribution Australian Chinese had made in a wide range of fields, from the military through to business and AFL football.

He stated explicitly that Australia will always welcome Chinese students, investors and visitors and emphasised that his government was committed to working closely with China’s leaders “to advance our comprehensive strategic partnership.”

He also noted that Australia and China won’t always agree: the two countries have different systems, national interests and concerns, which create alternative views from time to time.

But he stressed the fact that both countries should manage these divergences constructively, guided by the principle of equality and a deep and abiding sense of mutual respect.

John McDonnell