• Hannah Phillips

Getting Goat Owners Up to Speed

Goat ownership is on the rise in Australia, with the cheeky creatures being kept for a variety of purposes including meat or dairy production, as pets, or even as convenient lawn mowers.

To help raise awareness about what is involved with owning a goat, producer-led project Stock Sense is providing the opportunity for goat owners to find out through a free interactive webinar.

Kimberley Henman is a Livestock Project Officer with Stock Sense and joined Anita on today's Regional Roundup to share more information.

The webinar will be led by goat health veterinary officer, Dr Berwyn Squire from Agriculture Victoria, who will walk through the 101 of owning goats; from the role goat owners play in traceability to the do’s and don’ts of goat care.

She will go into detail about basic husbandry and disease management practices that will benefit both the goats and their owners.

For a detailed program and to register, visit: stocksense.org.au or contact 1300 020 163.

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