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Flow FM Nominated for Achievement Award

Flow FM has been nominated for the Regional Development Victoria Business Achievement Award for 2018.

Flow Media began the Remote Commercial Radio Service in Victoria in 2001 under the name Radio Freshstream with broadcast services initially at Healesville, and later at Marysville in 2005, before the tragic Black Saturday fires claimed the service, and much of the wider community.

The radio station then became known as Flow FM in 2005, with Flow Media building 15 radio services in regional and remote South Australia and the Northern Territory between 2001 and 2010.

Flow Media expanded new services to remote parts of Victoria in 2012, initially into the Southern Mallee at Birchip, and then the Great Ocean Road area in 2013. The Northern Mallee area near Hopetoun joined Flow's listenership in 2015, and a further southern New South Wales FM radio service was added in 2017.

The 2018 Certificate of Achievement in the Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards recognises the contribution that Flow FM has made in providing 40 small towns across regional and remote parts of Victoria with news, weather, current affairs, regional sport and coverage for local events.

Flow FM Managing Director, Wayne Phillips said “We are pleased to receive the nomination and award which began with a recommendation from the Deputy Mayor of the Buloke Shire Council, Daryl Warren.”

“Our desire is always to give smaller communities equivalent coverage to the bigger towns, and while that is difficult to do due to resourcing, we are pleased with the strong support from listeners and businesses who appreciate the Flow FM radio service,” Wayne said.

Information on Flow FM and local news can be found at www.flowfm.com.au, and advertising details are available online at www.flowadvertising.com.au.

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