• Hannah Phillips

What Does A Farmer Look Like?

If someone asked you 'what does a farmer look like?' the answer would be different depending on your life experiences and interactions with farmers and farming families.

But the key is that not one farmer is the same as another.

Kim Storey is a photographer and farmer who lives on a property in NSW and knows this, which is why she was rather surprised when she googled that very question.

Results instantly returned pictures of mainly older men with a beard, wearing overalls and holding a pitchfork...which as Kim explained on her Facebook page, "I'm a farmer and I certainly don't look like that!"

This got her thinking, and after engaging in a number of discussions on social media, Kim set out to gather the images and stories of farmers from right around the country, compiling them into a book.

Kim joined Anita on Flow FM's Regional Roundup to share the story behind 'What Does A Farmer Look Like', and began by telling listeners what she believes the description of a farmer involves.

To find out more about the project, and Kim's upcoming work, visit the What Does A Farmer Look Like Facebook page.