• Hannah Phillips

Naracoorte Art Prize to Take on the World

Naracoorte Regional Art Gallery is putting the call out to all artists to engage with a new art prize in 2019, focusing on the World Heritage listed Naracoorte Caves.

The art prize is just one of many ways the fossil site is being celebrated next year, for the 50 year anniversary of the discovery of Australian megafauna remains in the South East of SA.

Colin Kelly is part of a team promoting the art prize and was delighted to receive official recognition from Sir David Attenborough himself.

Mr Kelly spoke to Flow FM on today's Country Viewpoint to share the details.

Image Source - Naracoorte Art Gallery - Australian megafauna as imagined by Julian Hume from The Natural History Museum, London

The theme of the art prize is 'Australian megafauna, fossils and caves - an artistic exploration', and is open to all artists creating works in all mediums.

The official exhibition opening and announcement of the winners is already planned for September 21 next year in Blanche Cave, Naracoorte.

Works will then continue to be on display in the Naracoorte Regional Gallery until October 27, 2019.

All entries are due in by July 12 next year, for more information head to naracoorteartgallery.com.

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