• Hannah Phillips

Kapunda Copper Mine to Reopen?

Kapunda's copper mine has a rich history - saving Australia from economic crisis in the early 1840s, with the help of the copper mine based at Burra.

After the fall of copper prices in 1877, the mine closed two years later, but the malleable metal remained buried on site.

Over the years, many private companies have assessed the possibility of reopening the mine, but nothing has ever come to fruition.

Image Source: Kapunda Mine - Fairv8

Environmental Copper Recovery SA are hoping to change this, by conducting research into the mine site and the possibility of using InSitu Recovery mining methods.

Leon and Philippa from Environmental Copper Recovery SA spoke to Flow FM in studio for more information.

Environmental Copper Recovery SA have indicated they are happy to speak with the community about the project, and can be contacted at their website: www.envirocopper.com.au.

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