• Hannah Phillips

Council Catch Up: Northern Areas, SA

Flow FM covers many regions across our great nation, ranging from South Australia's West Coast and Outback - into the Mid-North - down to the South East - across the border to Victoria's Wimmera-Mallee - down to Apollo Bay - over to the Yarra Ranges - and up to NSW's Riverina region.

To highlight all the wonderful things that happen in our regional communities, Flow FM catches up with a different Council each day on the Country Viewpoint.

Today Anita spoke with re-elected Northern Areas Council Mayor Denis Clark to find out about the latest news in the area including his vision for the future, $1 million in drought funding and a Christmas message for Flow listeners. He began by outlining changes to Northern Area's elected members.

To hear the latest news from your region, catch Anita on the Country Viewpoint every weekday from 1pm on Flow FM.

Image Source - Northern Areas Council

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