• Hannah Phillips

Emerging Industries the Future of Ag?

Australia's agricultural sector is constantly adapting to new challenges and innovations within the industry.

With this comes the rise of emerging industries - animal and plant based sectors that play an important part in the Australian agricultural landscape and have high growth potential.

Agrifutures Australia has thrown a lot of support behind these emerging industries, with Program Manager, Research & Innovation Duncan Farquhar speaking to Flow FM on today's Regional Roundup to explain why.

Anthony Leddin is a plant breeder with Valley Seeds in Yambuk, Victoria, and is a great example of someone embracing Australia's emerging agricultural industries.

He also spoke to Flow FM's Regional Roundup program to explain what is involved with his role, and where Australian agriculture is heading in the future.

To find out more about Agrifutures' Emerging Industries program, visit: agrifutures.com.au.