• Hannah Phillips

Drought sculpture finds Mallee home

Trent Stewart, the artist also know as MalleeBoy Art, has made it his mission the last few months to give back to a community in regional Australia that has been doing it tough, battling the harsh drought conditions this past year.

Inspired by the women on the land, Trent named the piece, "Where Is He', capturing the image of a woman holding her child in her arms on the front porch, waiting for her husband top return from the fields.

Community members were urged to nominate their towns to be considered for the poignant piece, to be donated with the aim of pulling some tourists and money into the regional community.

With many worthy suggestions put forward, the decision was a tough one, and based purely on the tremendous support given by many within the community, Karoonda was named as the home for the wonderful sculpture.

Trent and his family swung by the Flow studios to discuss the project and announce the winner, and you can catch up on the full interview below.