• Hannah Phillips

Banning the Bathroom Bottle

While in our society we are starting to see a switch from plastic to paper or to reusable and recyclable products, new research suggests that change should start in the bathroom, with about 356 million bottles discarded from bathrooms each year.

(IMAGE: Ethique)

Zero-waste leader and biodegradable beauty company, Ethique, has prevented over 3 million bottles from ending up in landfill and is encouraging Australians to give up the bathroom bottle and calling for companies to take more responsibility when it comes to plastic use.

Renae was joined on the Regional Roundup this week to further discuss our waste reduction with Ethique Founder and CEO Brianne West.

Tune into the full interview below and to learn more about Ethique, head to their website, and for more tips for adopting a waste free lifestyle, check out The Rogue Ginger website as well.


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