• Hannah Phillips

CWA Catchup Celebrates Regional Women

While the CWA is best know for cakes and crafts, the work of dedicated country women goes well beyond the kitchen.

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day and what better way to celebrate than to check in with the state branches of the Country Women's Association and the fantastic they do throughout our regional communities.

On the Regional Roundup today, Renae had a chat with the state presidents and CEO of the SA, NSW and Victoria branches to see what events are on the calendar this year, such as 90th birthdays and the 2019 World Conference of Associated Country Women of the World in Melbourne.

Catch up on all the interviews below and head to the related CWA websites to find out more!

SACWA - State President Roslyn Schuman

CWA of NSW - State CEO Danica Leys

Victoria CWA - Lyn Harris