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Australia Decides 2019! Federal Election Candidate Interviews.

South Australian Featured Seats


CURRENT MEMBER: Rowan Ramsey (Liberal)

2019 Candidates

  • Jacqui Edgecombe (Animal Justice)

  • Karin Bolton (Labor)

  • David Stone (One Nation)

  • Richard Carmody (Independent)

  • Alexander David Warren (United Australia)

  • Rowan Ramsey (Liberal)

  • Andrea Broadfoot (Centre Alliance)

  • Candace Champion (Greens)



CURRENT MEMBER: Tony Pasin (Liberal)


  • Rosa Hillam (Greens)

  • Bert Bacher (United Australia)

  • Tony Pasin (Liberal)

  • Karen Eckermann (Animal Justice)

  • Kelly Gladigau (Centre Alliance)

  • Miles Hannemann (Nationals)

  • Mat O’Brien (Labor)


Victorian Featured Seats


CURRENT MP: Andrew Broad, since 2013

2019 Candidates Serge Petrovich (Liberal)

  • Cecilia Moar (Independent)

  • Jason Mark Modica (Independent)

  • Rick Grosvenor (Conservative National)

  • Anne Webster (Nationals)

  • Chris Lahy (Citizens Electoral Council)

  • Philip Mollison (Rise Up Australia)

  • Carole Hart (Labor)

  • Leigh Firman (Science)

  • Ray Kingston (Independent)

  • Dan Straub (Shooters Fishers & Farmers)

  • Rick Millar (United Australia)

  • Nicole Rowan (Greens)



CURRENT MP: Sarah Henderson, since 2013.

2019 Candidates

  • Ian Erskine (Rise Up Australia)

  • Libby Coker (Labor)

  • Simon Northeast (Greens)

  • Naomi Adams (Animal Justice)

  • Damien Cole (Independent)

  • Sarah Henderson (Liberal)

  • Neil Harvey (United Australia)

  • Mandy Grimley (Derryn Hinch’s Justice)


NSW Featured Seats


CURRENT MP: Sussan Ley, since 2001.

2019 Candidates

  • Sussan Ley (Liberal)

  • Ross Hamilton (Sustainable Australia)

  • Kieran Drabsch (Labor)

  • Kevin Francis Mack (Independent)

  • Philip Langfield (Christian Democratic Party)

  • Mark Ellis (Liberal Democrats)

  • Brian Mills (Independent)

  • Michael Hunter Rose (United Australia)

  • Dean Moss (Greens)



CURRENT MP: Michael McCormack, since 2010.


  • Michael McCormack (Nationals)

  • Michael Bayles (Greens)

  • Mark Jeffreson (Labor)

  • Richard Foley (United Australia)


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