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Idiots Undermine COVID Response

Daniel Andrews is at the end of his tether trying to manage the response to the COVID pandemic. He had to unwind the lockdown proposed by his officials because it would have totally undermined the ability of the nation to feed itself. It must have been exasperating but the premier has managed to maintain his patience and good humour.

His health minister is at breaking point. On Sunday she uploaded a tweet that included a tearful apology for mistakes that were made by officials in earlier phases of the Victorian government’s response.

The Andrews’ government is struggling to hold it together and the last thing it needed was a pack of idiots protesting the fact that they are made to wear masks.

Protestors decided to conduct the rally despite the fact that they were warned by police they would be arrested and the Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, asking them to call the rally off. As it was, seven people were arrested and 27 were issued fines. Despite this, the organizers are preparing to hold another protest in the near future.

A channel Nine poll shows that a substantial majority of people object to the civil disobedience. Daniel Andrews said that he didn’t want the actions of the protestors to detract from the good work that most Victorians are doing during the lockdown.

The premiers are not making things any easier for the national response. People from the ACT, who have been working in Victoria on the COVID response are being blocked from returning home by NSW border restrictions. They want to drive home un their own cars rather than flying to Sydney from Melbourne to spend a fortnight in quarantine at their own expense. An ACT police escort has been proposed to ensure they do not stop their cars but this has been rejected by NSW authorities. There is no medical reason for the restrictions on public servants returning home after doing their duty: the reasons for the measures are purely political or to make public administration easier.

Another example of rank populism is that displayed by Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan, who announced over the weekend that the Western Australian borders would be reopened sometime between the end of this year and the middle of next year. Premier McGowan is recording atmospheric levels of popularity because of his border restrictions but he is making no contribution to national recovery.

On Sunday Victoria recorded 394 new cases and 17 deaths. While the number of deaths was the highest yet recorded in a day, the number of new infections is coming down. This is a positive sign because the impact of the level four lockdown is yet to show up in the numbers.

But the social consensus is fragile. Discord among the premiers, between the premiers and senior ministers in the Morrison government, and between the authorities and people intent on civil disobedience all threaten the prospects of both a health and an economic recovery.

Sarah Hanson-Young revealed on the weekend that the Greens have been penetrated by the anti-vaxxer movement. They are apparently trying to use a parliamentary party to subvert the national plan to deal with the COVID virus and to undermine any attempts at a mass vaccination to deal with the virus.

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