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Look Out For Moths

There was great excitement at the Bullants clubhouse after footy training on Wednesday. Spider, who is the footy manager and a grand poo-bah in the insect league, also happens to be Brewersbrook’s resident entomologist. As the boys were getting changed he announced that he had made a scientific discovery.

Apparently scientists had identified a new species of moth on the California/Mexico border where the President of the United States wanted to build his wall. What surprised the scientists was that the moth was charismatic for an insect and that it had a yellow-orange comb-over.

It was inevitable that they would name it ‘neopalpa donaldtrumpi’.

According to Spider the man who discovered it, Professor Vazrick Nazari, thought that if he named the moth after the President, Donald Trump would be so honored that he wouldn’t disturb its habitat. But Spider reckons the Donald is not interested in insects because they don’t tweet.

Bert said that he had a rooster with a golden comb-over that he called Donald. Somebody else said that Christopher Pyne had two roosters called Tony (Abbott) and Bill (Shorten) but he had to cuts their heads off because they tried to peck each other to death. Now he only has Malcolm to rule the roost.

The other big topic of conversation was the new rules about travel to South Australia. Apparently Steven (hollerfora) Marshall wants people from outside South Australia to apply for a visa if they want to visit his state. You have to apply on-line seventy-two hours in advance.

Spider said that his Aunty Flo had retired to Nelson on the coast right near the South Australia border. Aunty Flo couldn’t work out why it was alright for her to go and see her doctor in Mount Gambier on Monday but she couldn’t do her weekly shop there on Friday.

Poor old Spider has to drive down to Nelson to help Aunty Flo get a visa because she is not all that flash with technology. As far as anyone knew there were no active COVID 19 cases west of Geelong so no one could work out what all the red tape was about.

The other big event in Brewersbrook is that the frosts have arrived. The keen gardeners are all busy building houses to cover their delicate fruit trees. The household boss has built one that resembles the golden arches symbol of a well-known meat patty providore. These impressive structures consist of reo wire over which she has placed plastic roofing covered with chicken wire to keep it in place. She’s got hessian curtains at the front to keep the cold out.

They look so good that I rashly said that I reckon I could live in them. There is no doubt that the citrus trees will be very snug this winter.

Meanwhile, since Wednesday the grandkids have been combing the veggie patch looking for moths. They hope they will find a new species like Spider did with the stick insect ‘plasmodea jacobsonii that he named after himself (his real name is Jacobson). The kids are hoping to find a new moth with a bald head and no charisma to speak of that they can name neopalpa scomolii.


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